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My childhood:

My name is Bradley Robert Iverson, and I live in Syracuse, Utah, with my wife, Shu Mei and two sons, Billy and Tyley. Prior to this, we lived in Qingshui District, Taichung City, Taiwan where I taught English at Chih-yung High School. I have a son from a previous marriage, Cameron, that lives with his girlfriend, Ashley, in the Salt Lake County, Utah. Cameron has a son, Benjamin, that shares time between Cameron and his mother, Cameron’s ex-wife. Hence, I am a grandfather, albeit not an active one, sadly. Because I was estranged from Cameron for many years, I don’t spend much time with him or his son.

I was born in Van Nuys, California on January 12, 1965. Twelve days after I was born, two very loving individuals, my parents, adopted me. Throughout my life, they have been a never-ending source of inspiration. I cannot stress enough how much they have meant to me in times of need. Any success I achieve I owe it to them, for they are truly the best parents anyone could ever have.

Having said that, you must know that I was not the best son in the world. Seldom did I heed my mother and father’s thoughtful direction. Instead, I chose to blaze new paths and, somehow, thought I knew better about life than they did.

After the adoption, they took me back to live with them in Blackfoot, Idaho. I lived there with the two of them, my one brother, and two sisters for the next four years, until we moved to Kaysville, Utah.

I do not remember anything about the Idaho years, but I have seen the old Super 8 films and…well…I am glad I do not remember anything about the Idaho years. It is a miracle that I made it through them, especially given the great amount of fireplace charcoal I must have consumed.

My earliest recollection comes around the age of four. I have an image of our TV and the room where it was located. That is apropos, as the TV took up much of my time as a youngster, as it did most children of my generation. I spent afternoons with Mighty Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Gilligan’s Island, and I Dream of Jeannie.

My adolescence:

I attended Kaysville Elementary School from K through 5th grade, Kaysville Junior High School from 6th through 8th grade, and Davis Senior High School from 9th through 12th grade. (See my yearbook photo from high school here.) I had many experiences at those schools that molded me into the man I am today.

Through all 12 years of school, I never quite understood the importance of receiving an education. To me, attending school was an unwanted bourdon. Although I did learn a great deal in those years, it was by chance and not pursuit. What I did enjoy were our frequent trips to Disneyland. Often, my father would spontaneously announce a trip to Disneyland. I remember all of those wonderful rides and how valuable the precious “E-Ticket” was. Sadly, all but a few of those rides are now gone.

After the public schooling years, I went on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I spent two years there, preaching the gospel of the church to those who wanted to hear it.

My adulthood:

After my mission, I attended Brigham Young University, majoring in Film. It was there that I met my first wife, Tara. We were married after about four months of dating and moved to Hollywood, California, where I continued my education at Columbia College.

It was during the time in California that my wife gave birth to our son, Cameron. He was a joy to behold. I cannot recall a better day in my life than the day in which Cameron was born, September 1, 1988. He is an intelligent, compassionate, and forward-thinking individual.

Unfortunately, the relationship between my wife and I deteriorated over time. We were too young and too immature to handle the responsibilities that were put in front of us. We were very disrespectful toward each other. As a result, our marriage ended after a little over three years together. With the wisdom garnered through the many years following, I feel confident that we wouldn’t make the same mistakes given the same circumstances of those times. And I carry with me the guilt for how I mistreated her – several regrets. It is what it is, though; life doesn’t afford us second chances, so we go on and make the best of our current circumstances.

Consequently, I have not had the kind of relationship with Cameron that I would have liked to have had. I feel that he knows I love him, for both of us enjoyed the times we spent together. He is and always will be in my daily thoughts.

Briefly, that describes me. Of course, there is much more. If you are so inclined as to get more into my psyche, read my weblog.

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