Weeds of Facebook

So, I resurfaced on Facebook a few days ago. I needed to access it to give permission for an app on my phone. Then, I allowed myself to drift deeper into Facebook-land, reading messages from friends, et al., which created a problem.

I noticed some old messages from even older friends there, asking about my happenings. Little do they know that some of the sordid truth could be sought and acquired here on my website, sad as it is. I politely replied to those messages – not the problem. The problem lay in replying to messages I received from fringe friends (i.e., acquaintances) who I socialized with many years ago.

Because I have evolved quite a bit from the dog days of my youth, I am no longer even remotely like the person I used to be. From reading their messages, I gathered that they have not strayed as far as I have from the traditional convention of that time.

Furthermore, I know how they think, for I was once of that mindset. Before they even give justification for their position, I know what they’re going to say, for I, too, believed the same, once upon a time. To them, my current opinions are radical and downright wacky.

As I cannot choose to believe or not believe something, I cannot expect them to do it either. Hence, I feel it pointless to engage in deep conversation. That would only annoy them. “Keep it light and keep it moving,” come to mind from Radiohead’s “Present Tense.” Otherwise, I’ll get lost in the weeds of Facebook.

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