School Daze

Last week, I got upset at a class I was teaching. The students in the class were not paying attention to what I was saying. Several students even indignantly refused to answer my questions. They didn’t “refuse” per se; they just pretended to ignore me. I told them that in my country, refusing to acknowledge a question was tantamount to flipping someone the bird and saying, “Fuck you!”

After the class, some of the students went to the administrator’s office and complained that I had used “bad words” in class. Two administration personnel workers came immediately to the classroom and scolded me, directing me never to repeat what I had said to the students. I agreed. However, upon reflection of this incident, and after watching a TV show about the declining state of education in the world, I got to thinking about what actually happened. You see, the lesson that the school administration taught to the students is that people have a right never to be offended. That is a terrible and dangerous lesson to teach as it isn’t a reflection upon the real world

When I went to school, if a teacher used profanity in class there was no reason for concern from the school administration. In fact, physical education teachers frequently used profane expletives to try and motivate students to achieve more physically. That kind of language was thought to be covered under the Freedom of Speech.

Since that time, schools have been redefined from institutions dedicated to the disinterested pursuit of knowledge to institutions for social change. Well, that’s the definition of a political party. A lot of schools now serve as a training ground for leftists, placing politically correct speech as a learning priority.

This would be alright if the schools were 100 percent private. However, as long as they are receiving subsidies from the government, they should provide the same freedoms of expression as are covered in the country’s constitution. What schools are saying by implementing these codes of special protection and double-standards to women, to Aborigines, to gay and lesbian students, is “You are too weak to live with freedom. You are too weak to live with the provisions of our constitution that cover freedom of speech.”

If someone tells you that you are too weak to live with freedom, they have turned you into a child. Subsequently, schools are not adequately preparing students for the life they will encounter after they are on their own. Schools are coddling them and prolonging their childhood, rather than exposing them to the world and preparing them to meet the challenges ahead.

Just because teenagers are young doesn’t mean they have to be naïve. In schools, there is a myriad of diversity. There are people of different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, opinions, political views attending. There’s going to be conflict. There’s going to be controversy. That’s what makes school worth it. Take that away, and what’s the point? Life lessons are not taught by memorizing tables in a book. And, let’s face it; students spend most of their time in school, so they need to be taught life lessons there. Otherwise, they will be ill-equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

Parents send their children to school so that they will learn things which will help them move up in life. If the schools continue to harbor students within their ideological and politically-motivated cocoons, it will only serve to make them less effective in their lives, rather than more. Consequently, it will lead to the dummying-down of society in general.

Or… maybe I just shouldn’t have used the F-word.

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