Confusion Prevails

Shu Mei still isn’t talking much to me. That’s normal, but one would expect her to talk a bit about the upcoming trip to America and what I need to do. The only reason I know that she is going with the boys, as planned, was because Billy told me that she said they are “going to America in seven days.” Other than that, I have no idea what is going on. She did go to Costco a few days ago and bought some food supplies, though. So, I’m pretty sure she’s going to the U.S. with the boys, as was previously planned.

The problem is that I’m not sure about anything to do with my part. Shu Mei is being complicated and not communicating to me what I need to know. I would like to know where my documents are that I need to take there in two months ( i.e., passport, airplane ticket, resident visa, etc.) and what I should do for transportation to/from the airport. She had mentioned something about her brother taking me to Taichung and then catching a bus from there several weeks ago, but I don’t know if she has spoken to him about that or not.

To keep the peace, I maintain my distance from Shu Mei. It doesn’t matter, though. A few days ago, she was yelling at the boys and complaining about everything this side of Sunday. I don’t do a thing to aggravate her, and still, she gets irritated. Honestly, it is she that needs Prozac, not me. As you may recall, I was on it for quite a while, and nothing was any different during that time. In fact, things seemed to be full of turmoil then.

The only thing that has caused our disagreements to not escalate into major arguments has been me backing down. Shu Mei has never made an effort to diffuse the situation. Usually, she seems to try and make a bad situation worse. We REALLY need counseling. Hopefully, I will make it to America (if Shu Mei shares the needed info with me) and we can begin that process.

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