Arranging the Meeting

I have been wanting to speak to Shu Mei’s mother and sister about the ordeal last weekend, but I couldn’t figure out how to get a good translator to go with me, or even how to arrange a meeting. My favorite translator has been Li Wen, from Church, but he is now attending college and living at the dorms there. My second choice would be Fenster, a former missionary here who subsequently returned from his family home in German to marry a local girl. The problem is I don’t have his phone number and don’t know how to get it. I was thinking about what I could do next to make this meeting happen when a colleague of mine from school, Teacher Johnson, came over to visit Billy and Tyley. He brought his daughter along. Her English name is Leslie and she attends college. On the weekends, she comes back to stay with her parents. Leslie loves to visit the boys as much as her father does, maybe even more. As is normal among Taiwanese, their visit lasted several hours. Shu Mei had gone somewhere as soon as I returned home from work and came back late at night, after Johnson and his daughter had left and the boys and I had gone to bed.

I was thinking that maybe Johnson or his daughter might be able to help me when the phone rang. It was Shu Mei’s mother. In the little Chinese I know, I told her that Shu Mei wasn’t home and I didn’t know where she was, then I asked her to hold the phone. The idea came to me that I could get Johnson to talk to Shu Mei’s mother and arrange a meeting between us. I put him on the phone and had him ask her if she could meet me tomorrow (Friday) at 5 p.m. She agreed.

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