While Searching for Cameron

I was searching on Myspace for information about Cameron. I came across my ex-wife’s page and some messages she left for a user there that give an indication as to her present character (or lack thereof, rather). Unedited, for your reading enjoyment:

To “Ronnie” (a 26 year old male in Stockholm, Sweden)

March 9, 2007
Somebodies about to have a birthday! /spank

March 2, 2007
Larger eh? /evilgrin ……… oh sorry was distracted. Um does that mean more people are on the server?

February 28, 2007
Tell me about Vanguard [an online video game]. Special edition is $103 and I’d have to upgrade my computer. Is it worth it?

February 22, 2007
Just working and working and working. But in June I get to start learning how to fly airplanes. How about you?

February 17, 2007
Sooo, I got rid of the guy that wanted to take me to Ireland. Valentines dinner with somebody you don’t love kinda pushes it over the edge and I got rude. If I win the lottery I’ll come see you. Otherwise you’ll just have to get your butt to the U.S.A. Hope all is going great!

January 24, 2007
Strange you should ask. Was actually kicking around the idea of coming to Ireland in April with a guy….but I need to check on getting a passport. If you’re there will you kick it up with me in a pub?

January 21, 2007

January 16, 2007
Oh wow, I really missed you!

I can begin to see why some lady was harassing her. It was probably someone like her that was enamored with a guy online and got jealous that Tara was crowding in on her territory. Hehe! It may sound bad, but I feel a lot better about myself after reading those messages.

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