Websense Blows!

I sit in Sacrament Meeting, one of three hour-long meetings I attend each Sunday, making this entry in my PDA. It is a slow process, pecking out letter after letter with a stylus, but it serves the purpose of passing the time. Later, I will transfer this to my weblog via my home computer. Currently, I have no internet service at home, as my family and I have recently moved into a new home and the telephone company has to run the line out to us. They told my wife that this will happen by week’s end, but that is what they told us last week, without following through with it. So, I’m not expecting it to happen this week, either. But, if it does I will be pleasantly surprised.

I haven’t been cut off completely from internet access, as I have it at school, where I work. The problem there is that they have a lot of websites blocked by Websense. What a piece of garbage program that is! In the guise of protecting our youth against “the evils” of the world, Websense has gone way overboard and blocked out a lot of good educational sites. I have ran across too many to mention here, but suffice it to say Websense has taken it way too far, accomplishing far more bad than good. By over-restricting access to the web, Websense has provided a climate where limited, and often-times incorrect, information can be accessed, This can be a very bad thing, especially if the only source of a topic is full of misinformation . I had read several articles on the web, via a Websense-protected network, that contained citings that simply weren’t true. It isn’t in the best interest of Websense to perpetuate such propaganda.

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