Mediocre Tuesday

Things are a little better today. The bi-polar Shu Mei is currently on a high. So, I’m enjoying it while it lasts. She said she had a meeting, but told me no more than that. If you haven’t figured it out already, Shu Mei tells me nothing about what she is up to. Asking her only brings about vague answers, as if she is on some secret spy mission. I have no idea what her problem is with communicating to me. Perhaps the problem is related to one where she can’t seem to make a simple phone call to get things done (i.e., a computer fixed, telling her cousins about the flooding next door, getting a door replaced, etc.).

Currently, I am still trying to shake this cold. It has spread from my throat to my ears and now I have a tremendous aching in my ears, like someone is poking a needle in them. It has been raining here almost nonstop since last week. Today, it finally stopped, but not before a huge thunderstorm. It thundered so loudly that the students at the school were all screaming. I thought the windows might shatter from either the loud thundering or the screaming. There was quite a light show, too. The lightning streaked horizontally across the sky and I counted seconds between the flashes and the thunder. Sometimes, there wasn’t even a second between the two, meaning the storm was very near. My classroom is located in the highest place around the area, on the sixth floor of a six-story building, not a good place to be in a thunderstorm. Still, I survived without incident.

Tomorrow, a video crew is going to tape a portion of one of my classes. It is for an advertisement for Chih-yung High School. They are picking a lousy time to do this, now when I’m feeling terribly ill. I hope they don’t stay too long. Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a long day. I have to work until 9:30 pm and I need to conserve my energy to get through it. The sad thing is that it is back-to-back against another long day on Thursday.

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