Living Abroad

It is approaching four years since I moved to Taiwan. In the time I have been here, I have noticed some stark differences as to things of a social nature between this country and my homeland, the United States of America. Here are a few of the observations I have made, in the form of a good and bad list:

Good in America, Bad in Taiwan
Leaving chopsticks stuck in rice

Good in Taiwan, Bad in America
Chewing with your mouth open
Belching and spitting in public
Having bad breath and body odor
Speaking loudly in a restaurant
Sleeping at your desk during lunch
Being late to a meeting
Butting in line
Picking up an injured person
Leaving a sink full of dirty dishes
Dusting only once a year
Spanking your children in public
Peeing on the side of the road (male)
Wearing wrinkled clothes
Staring at other people
Getting your shoes shined
Coughing and yawning without covering your mouth
Picking your nose in public
Letting armpit hair grow (female)
Washing all your clothes in cold water


  1. Just to let you know. It’s about the same in NanNing, China. I am an American teaching in China. I’ve been here just a bit longer than you and I love it. I am teaching at Guangxi Medical University and have some of the greatest students possible.

    BTW, I have tried to find the download for your Spirit (bronze) WordPress theme but I can only find the wood one. Where can I find it? I am new to WordPress and I am trying to set up a couple of blogs.


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