Places I Would Like to Visit

In order of preference, I want to visit the following places (I have already visited the onses with asterisks, but want to visit them again):

1. Brazil*
2. New Zealand*
3. Bali and Sulawesi
4. Maylaysia and Southern Thailand
5. Indonesia
6. Mexico City*
7. Greece
8. Sri Landa and Maldives
9. Scotland
10. Ireland
11. Finland and The Baltics*
12. Norway*
13. London*
14. Hungary and Romania
15. Czech Rep and Southern Poland
16. Costa Rica and Nicaragua
17. Amsterdam*
18. Ecuador and Galapagos Islands
19. Arctic Canada
20. Egypt
21. Italy
22. Spain
23. Morocco
24. Vietnam
25. North Thailand and Laos
26. Argentina*
27. Nepal
28. Mongolia
29. Bolivia
30. Hawaii
31. Japan*
32. West Africa
33. India

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  1. hey,
    i am 11 years old i live on a farm raising chickens and cows and i am home schooled and have no life so you guys are so lucky to live in a city!

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