A River Ran Through It

This week was dominated by severe rain storms. In fact, it rained for four days nonstop. The house has had problems in the past with leaking during big storms. Last night made those leaks look like tiny dew drops in the wee morning hours, as our house became flooded by a deluge of rain water.

It occurred due to a clogged drain outside on the second-story veranda, above the kitchen. As we seldom venture outside there, we didn’t know that the drain was closed until it was too late. It was late at night when I, watching TV from the first floor living room, heard water dripping from inside the stairwell. Opening the door into the stairwell, I saw the source of the dripping. More importantly, I saw water running down over the stairs to the bottom floor where I was. It was cascading down the stairs quite rapidly.

Immediately, I woke up Shu Mei. As she began to mop up the water downstairs, I sought the source of the problem upstairs, outside in the heavy rain. As I stepped outside onto the veranda, I discovered that I was standing in about four inches of water. The water had been building up there throughout the rain, until it was high enough to go under the door and down the stairs. Armed with a flashlight and broom in one hand and an umbrella in the other, I searched for the drain.

I knew the vicinity of where it was located from seeing it before and found it in no time. Clearing away the debris that was clogging it, I allowed the water to drain once again. After that, I put a roll of window screen around it, to prevent further clogging problems. Then I went downstairs to help Shu Mei with the mopping up.

It took about two hours to clean up the water from downstairs. Today, it is still a little damp but should dry up soon as the sun has come out again. That is the way it is in Taiwan, from one extreme to another. Such is the life on a subtropical island.

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