1. Don’t do it – don’t marry this ugly big eared gimp – you’ll be miserable for the rest of your life.

  2. Well, “Incredulous”, I feel that your comment was most undeserving. While my nephew Wade is tall and skinny, he is most certainly not a “gimp”. He has done some incredible things in his life, none of them being the least bit gimpish.

    His wife is a lucky gal to have found someone as great as he. As far as his ears go, I have seen him in person and can assure you that they are in proportion to the rest of his head.

    I cannot believe I’m even responding to that last comment. I probably should have just deleted it, but I vowed to only delete spam comments. So, for now, I’ll hold true to my word.

    Besides, I know that Wade is man enough to handle such rude and undeserving accusations.

  3. No, on the contrary, I hear they’re both doing well. They are both going to school and making decent money at part-time jobs. Wade will graduate soon and then plans on attending law school. We never know how long relationships will last, but this one has everything going for it. I think it will be one of those successful marriages we all wish we had.

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