Another Message to Cam

This was sent to my son, Cameron. I had been calling him on a weekly basis during this time, in hopes of talking to him. However, it was rare that anyone answered the calls. Also, I had sent other update messages to his email address, but had only received one reply, thanking me for a Christmas present, sent in February. I don’t know if he ever received my other messages, but I’m posting this one on my weblog in hopes that he can read it.


This is just a quick note to announce that your new sibling will be a boy. Shu Mei went to the doctor and was told that she will be having a boy. He, the doctor, is 70 percent certain of it. So, you will have another brother! We are very excited for this event. The due date is the end of October. However, that was time as Billy’s and he was born a month early. So, I expect that something of this sort might happen again.

We show your picture to Billy everyday and talk about you. He can’t say “brother” yet, but he’s getting there. At just over 18 months old, his vocabulary is limited. But, it is a three-language vocabulary, English, Chinese, and Taiwanese, so he’s got a tough job to learn it.

I hope that all is well with you and yours. Please write me and let me know how (and what) you’re doing.



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