Frequently Ill

As I write this entry, I am burning up with a fever. Again, my health has taken a turn for the worse. I believe that I stated in a previous entry that I have been healthy here in Taiwan for about a total of only four days. Other than that, I have had one illness or another. All of them have been either some sort of cold virus or the flu. Currently, I am suffering from a cold.

Basically, today was uneventful. Recently, I have followed the mindset that I should try to make each day better than the day before. That is a great goal, but doing it is tough. Today was no exception. I believe that I must make my opportunities in life, that they just don’t happen. Having said that, I also know that believing in something is different from actually living according to it. You see, I believe in a literal separation of faith and works. My friend Jenna would disagree with me on that point, but I have had too many experiences to change my mind. Furthermore, it is a part of the Mormon doctrine, to which I wholeheartedly agree.

What I am trying to say is that just by feeling something is the right thing to do doesn’t mean you I will do it. As I child, I gave my mother a great deal of stress, due to this fact. Certainly, I believed that what she was telling me was what I should do, I just wanted to live contrary to that, being the rebellious youth that I was.

Colin was a good boy today. He failed his vowel test, but I think he will get it eventually. At school, I had the older children study phonics. Then, when the younger children joined them, I had them all do an art project. They painted their hands different colors and then embossed them on paper. Very easy.

For the kitchen period, I had them do another easy thing. I had them put peanut butter on a cracker and then sprinkle it with raisins. That taught them a few basic words, such as cracker, peanut butter, and raisins.

In Ch’ing-shui, I taught the first class and then Shu Mei taught most of the second class (the new one). Julie did not like her name, wanting “Kitty” instead. Zoe was not there today, I don’t know why, but we gained another student. I named her “Debi”, for no real reason but that it goes well with her older brother, “Dan”. Dan is a student in the first Ch’ing-shui class. He is one of the smarter students and we are hoping that Debi will be likewise.

After the classes, I came home very tired and, as I said previously, sick. I responded to email and then made this entry. Afterwards, I will surf the web a bit and then get some much-needed rest.

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