Sabbath Day Activities

Shu Mei went in early this morning to Church for a special meeting. She is the Branch’s Relief Society President and they are making a concerted effort to get the Sisters to do more visiting teaching. She is frequently busy calling Sisters in the Branch, speaking to them about their responsibilities. I think that she is doing a great job. However, she did ask the Stake President to be released from her calling, about one month ago. So far, they have not found anyone to replace her. Of course, I think that she is irreplaceable!

The Brothers in our Branch have also begun a concerted effort to bring inactive members back into the fold, as it were. They are organizing the home teaching program. I was assigned a partner and 6 member families (or individuals) to teach each month. That is a great deal more than the norm in the US of only 2. My partner, “Jason”, is a very strong member in the Branch and I speaks fairly good English. I am lucky to have him as a partner. Hopefully, we can help some inactive members realize the importance of attending Church. Although, it isn’t up to us, it is up to them and God.

I get a bit more spiritual on Sundays, as if I’m refueled by all of the gospel discussions that take place. In a sense, I am refueled, as the weekdays take it all out of me with their day-to-day regime. It is difficult living in the world and not being a part of it. I find that I get easily caught up in worldly things. I must strive to remember what is really important. This life is not even a blinking of an eye, when compared to the vastness of eternity. However, it is so important what I do in this life, this little test, that it will dictate my course for the rest of eternity.

After Church, Shu Mei and I went to her parents’ house for lunch. Her mother cooked me Chinese dumplings. As usual, I ate almost a bucket load of them. I like them a lot! I was still dressed in my suit and Shu Mei’s mother said I looked very nice. Shu Mei told her that I was dressed like that because we had just got back from Church. Her mother told her to be more quiet, as Shu Mei’s father was in the room. I asked Shu Mei why she said that. Shu Mei said that her dad didn’t like to hear about our Church. They are Buddhists and frown on her Mormon practices.

After lunch, we returned home and took a nap. Usually, we strive to not sleep on Sunday, as that such a waste of time and is so typical among a lot of Mormons. The feeling is to keep the Sabbath day holy means to rest, as God did. They don’t realize that there are more productive ways to keep that commandment, like reading scriptures, studying the gospel principles, and praying. Those are things that will bring one closer to His Spirit than sleeping. Actually, sleeping does nothing except rejuvenate one’s energy. Today, we needed that rejuvenation. So, we slept.

Somewhere during the three hours of Church meetings today, Shu Mei invited the missionaries over to our house for dinner. A few of them are transferring out of the area this week and it will be our going away gift to them. Four out of the eight elders were not busy, so they came to our house for dinner. We made them a Chinese American meal. On the Chinese side, there was rice and a cucumber shrimp dish. On the American side, there was stew and potatoes. For dessert, we had fresh pineapple and mangoes.

The four missionaries talked for about two hours, sometimes about gospel principles and sometimes not. They did touch upon many interesting points, too many to detail here. Suffice it to say that we enjoyed their company immensely.

Before going to bed, we called my dad. He is in Idaho, at his cabin. Because of the time difference, it was morning there. He has been busy this past week fixing the frost-damaged garage threshold (there’s that word again). It was nice to talk to him again, albeit a brief conversation because another cockroach was spotted by Shu Mei. This time, it was a flying one and was on top of one of the curtains. I told Shu Mei to keep an eye on it, as I was talking to my dad. Too late. She was under the bed covers, screaming for me to kill it.

So, with the spirit of Genghis Khan surging inside of me, I went to battle. Another roach bit the dust. This week, we will set up traps.

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