Cockroach vs. Me

Today, being Saturday, provided me with some much-needed time to complete some of the little tasks that I’d been putting off during the week. I think that I neglected to mention yesterday that I bought a little Memory Stick reader/writer device for my computer. It is a long story; but, shortly stated, I was having trouble getting pictures from my camera to my computer, to post on my website. With the assistance of the new USB device, I am now able to accomplish the task. I posted the first six photos on the site today.

Last night, after making my journal entry, I went to sleep as usual. At about 2 am, I got up to go to the bathroom. Shu Mei screamed from the bedroom that she saw a cockroach. She hates cockroaches and is very scared of them. I, being the big burly manly type that I am, went after the little bugger like Genghis Khan to the Chins. It took some time, rousting it from under the bed, but I managed to kill it and flush it down the toilet.

As I was disposing of my bounty, Shu Mei yelled from the bedroom that she saw another one. So, the hunt was on again. This one was a bit craftier, hiding under Shu Mei’s computer desk. Eventually, my homo human won over his cockroach brain. Actually, I read somewhere that they can live up to a week without a brain (i.e., head).

As those were cockroaches numbers two and three that we have seen, since moving in here in January, something had to be done to avoid seeing number four. When my father was here before our wedding, helping build the school and set up the house furnishings, he bought some door sweeps. I never had the time to install them. Today, I made the time, because of the cockroach problem. The fact is that there are not typically door thresholds or sweeps on the doors here in Taiwan. I have looked for them, but they are few and far between. That surprises me, given the amount of bugs that must live on this tropical island. I would have thought they wanted to avoid getting those little pests inside of their homes.

I also spent a great deal of time on my computer today, as Shu Mei went to get her hair done and a facial with her friends Shu Fen and Je Mei. I got to try a new email program out, which I eventually ended up deleting, and study a bit about Java programming. I enjoyed that time alone.

When Shu Mei returned, she asked me what I thought. “About what?” was my response. That was the wrong response. Honestly, I am not normally that stupid, but I was so involved with what I was doing on the computer that I didn’t really think about what she was saying. I know, typical male. She said, “You didn’t notice my hair. You don’t like it.” And, thus the game began. I made an attempt at apologizing to her, explaining why I had failed to pay immediate attention to her. That only made things worse. Luckily, we are both mature individuals and the mind games don’t last long. We made up. But, what a bonehead thing for me to have done!

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