The Chia Pet

Be forewarned, this entry contains words of a sexually explicit nature. If such things offend you, I advise against reading it.

Leelee Mitchell was an incredibly beautiful girl. She could have, and perhaps should have, been a model. It was by sheer circumstantial luck that I realized I had a chance to go out with her.

Lilee had mentioned that she thought a coworker of ours was cute. This coworker of ours, Joe Sindle, was considered by most to be ugly. He was short, fat, and balding. His personality wasn’t much better than his appearance. Simply put, there was little that most girls found appealing about Joe Sindle, except for Lilee. Consequently, I felt I had a good chance of “hooking” Lilee, as I felt I was much better looking than Mr. Sindle and had a pretty good personality to boot.

After getting to know Lilee a bit, I began inviting her out to The Woodshed after work on a weekly basis. Soon, those invitations were on a twice-weekly basis and then on a daily basis. To my delight, she accepted most of the invitations and became my drinking buddy. From there, it would have been a smooth transition to becoming my screwing buddy. But I had to go and complicate things a bit. I guess the feeling that Lilee was way out of my league led me to treat her as more of a challenge than she really was.

I ended up inviting her out on a date, to see a dramatic play no less. She readily accepted and went along with me to the production. I don’t remember what the play was entitled or what it was about, only that it was done by an experimental theatre group and was likewise quite bizarre. In fact, the place we saw it at was somewhat of a dive, but I feel I got my point across to Lilee that I was not some uncultured swine, the likes of which I imagined her to have gone out with before, given her favorable opinion of Joe Sindle.

I believed, at the time, that she probably had had less than half a dozen lovers and/or boyfriends, all of which had treated her with a great amount of disrespect. I learned later on that that wasn’t far from the truth. She had experienced a somewhat rocky past and was looking for someone a bit more stable to come into her life, a father-figure if you will. She would never admit that that was the case then, for it was all on a subconscious level, but I believe she would now say that was true, hindsight being 20/20 and all.

Lilee invited me back to her apartment after the play. We talked and drank beer. I was introduced to her two cats. I have never liked cats, but pretended to that night in order to not hurt my chances of getting lucky with Lilee. I remained on my best behavior, even when one of the evil little fur balls scratched me when I tried to pet it.

Eventually, my upbeat demeanor paid off and Lilee invited me in to see her bedroom. Finally, I allowed myself to begin making moves. I grasped her hand in mine, as she led the way into her bedroom.

It was really quite small in there, with just enough room for the bed. As soon as Lilee showed me the bed, exclaiming “Well, this is it,” I turned her around and gave her a long soft kiss, cupping one hand behind her neck and hugging her close to me with the other. “It’s lovely,” I said and pushed her to the bed, adding, “Please show me more.” I then lowered myself on top of her.

She laughed and began French kissing me. For several minutes, we continued rolling around on her bed, kissing passionately. I was elated, to say the least, that I finally got this beautiful angel to be with me like that. Her wiry body clung to mine eagerly. She was definitely “in the mood”.

Soon, our shirts were off and she demonstrated some embarrassment about her small breasts. I ensured her that she was lovely. Because I have never been a big breast lover, even though I had a few girlfriends that were well-endowed in that area, I was completely happy with Lilee’s breasts. However, I was interested in her “water bra”, as I had never seen one before. She cautioned me to be very careful when taking it off; for fear that it might rupture.

I feel that I may have become too sexually explicit in this and other entries. I must reiterate my intentions here. I want to be as forthright as possible in these entries. I do not have enough wisdom to know what it is that I should divulge and what I shouldn’t. So, I side with the liberal position of telling most of the details, however offensive they might be to some future readers. I place a caveat at the beginning of entries that I feel may be too strong for some people, in the hope that they might bypass their reading of such entries altogether.

Having said that, I must declare yet an even harsher warning for this entry, as I feel the need to go even deeper into the details of my sexual activities of this time period. I do this because it was a turning point in my life and I wish for you, the reader, to grasp as much as you can with regard to my mindset at the time. It is not my intent to harm anyone by what I write. Please keep in mind that this is only my perspective. The people I mention may have (probably do have) quite a different story to tell about the referenced events.

Getting back to the recounting of the events of that first night with Lilee, I found myself totally smitten with her beauty. This was a girl, I felt, that had missed her calling as a fashion model. For all intensive purposes, she could have done very well had she chosen that career. Here I was, lying with this slinky beauty, with only her pants and whatever was beneath them to go before she was totally naked.

After some more heavy French kissing and nipple play, I guided my hand down her taut belly to venture beneath her pants, to find out just what was there. Lilee resisted my advance by bringing taking my hand in hers while continuing to kiss me. I hadn’t experienced this kind of rejection in a long time, so I repeated the advancement. To my delight, this time Lilee seemed to accommodated me, as she undid her own pants and took them off. Then, she took my hand again in hers and rolled on top off me. I liked this take-charge attitude of hers and was looking forward to some wild sex. However, she just kept kissing me, nothing more. Eventually, I grew tired of this tirade and rolled back over on top of her.

I began to push her G-string panties down, still fondling and kissing her. “Wait,” She said, “I haven’t shaven.” “That’s okay,” I reassured her, thinking there would be some fine tufts of pubic hair to deal with while performing oral sex on Lilee. “Let me turn out the light,” She said, jumping to her feet and switching off the overhanging light in her bedroom. That was all fine with me, just as long as I got to continue forward with the highly-anticipated activities of the evening. As she lay down beneath me again, I got a glimpse of what she had alluded to, and why she had resisted me before.

From the dim light of the hallway, I could see snarls of dark hair entangled between Lilee’s legs. This was no ordinary bush, but rather reminiscent of a Chia Pet! Still, I was sufficiently horny at the time, along with feeling enough of a buzz from the alcohol consumed that night, to venture south. Performing oral sex was difficult. I kept wondering if this is how her cats felt when they cleaned themselves. Later, as I drove home, I pulled out several pubic hairs that were stuck between my teeth. I vowed to address this issue with Lilee, before our next date. I have always preferred a girl that is clean-shaven. Lilee’s mound was the complete opposite of that.

Between the first and second dates, Lilee and I spoke several times, both at work and away. Tactfully, I geared the conversations toward more intimate topics, touching upon the point of personal hygiene. Lilee got the picture of what I was alluding to and revealed to me that she had never actually shaved off her pubic hair completely. In the past, she had merely trimmed it and shaved it back for bikini wearing. I told her it was my fantasy to shave a girl down there and wondered if she would be willing to indulge me in that fantasy. The truth is that I had done this thrice already to past girlfriends. I didn’t out-and-out lie to Lilee about this, but I didn’t stop her from believing I wanted to do something I had never done before. The fact is that I did enjoy it those other times. I thought it was a kinky sort of thing and wished to do it again. Surprisingly, Lilee agreed to let me do it. So, after our second date, I shaved Lilee’s genital area, as she sat spread-eagled on a lounge chair in my living room. When I finished, she was as clean as a whistle, just like the day she was born. Lilee looked down at her hairless vulva and laughed. That laugh quickly turned into a moan of delight as I buried my tongue inside of her and began performing oral sex on her freshly-shaved organ. It was a long and enjoyable time. Lilee told me afterwards that she had never cum so many times before in a single night. I felt that we would have a long and happy relationship.


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