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This was one of several videos I made for the purpose of showing to Customer Service Representatives at Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, while I was working for America West Airlines. My capacity at the time this video was made was Duty Supervisor. Essentially, it was my job to give the CSRs briefings before they went to their various positions. Gate, Ticket Counter, and Baggage Services personnel began their shifts in the briefing room at various times throughout the day.

I felt that it was important to try and motivate the CSRs, so that they could be invigorated with positive energy before encountering customers. There was a lot of on-the-job stress for them, and I wished to help get them through that as best they could. Also, one of my many job tasks was to communicate corporate policies and procedures to the CSRs. Later, I would propose that my position, one which a total of three supervisors held, be eliminated altogether. I felt that a more hands-on approach to staffing was needed. Subsequently, I created the position of Staffing Coordinator. A total of four people were given that position and I was placed over them, as the co-head of Off-Scheduled Operations.

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