Thanksgiving in Gilbert, AZ

I’m making this entry many years after this happening. My parents have not had all their grandchildren together since this day. It was a very special Thanksgiving, because they all were together. Even my son, Cameron, attended. It was one of the rare visitations I had with him. I was happy to see him and I know he enjoyed his brief time with all of us.

My niece, Ericka, had a baby, Keida. As I recall, she was still with her daughter’s father at the time. He went by the name “Striker”. For some reason I cannot remember, he wasn’t in attendance. Keida was my parents’ first great-grandchild. As is usual with babies, she was quite a happy one. We all seemed to be a somewhat happy bunch back then. We had our fair share of problems, but I think we held it together fairly well at that time. Little did I know that many challenges lay in store for all of us.

Over the years, among those of us who attended that special Thanksgiving, many dreams have come and gone, unfulfilled, many relationships have seen great hope extinguished, and a lot of potential has gone unmet. So, it is a fond memory of good times in the past that I think back to that event. Oh, how I wish life had been kinder to all of us!

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