Tiny Asses

Be forewarned, this entry contains words of a sexually explicit nature. If such things offend you, I advise against reading it.

While working at the airport, the summer months were more enjoyable for me, simply because women wear fewer clothes during those months. Furthermore, the clothes that they wear are smaller and tighter-fitting. It was during such a summer month that I wrote this little rap ditty, proclaiming my favorite female feature:

In the summer in the fall
In the winter in the spring,
Tiny asses everywhere
Make the blood rush to my thing.

Me loves it small and tight.
Me loves it soft and round.
Can’t get enough of it,
Like a beefsteak to a hound.

You can do the tight punanies.
You can do the Double D’s.
As for me, myself, and I,
It’s tiny asses that we please.

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