A Few Limericks

Be forewarned, this entry contains words of a sexually explicit nature. If such things offend you, I advise against reading it.

While working as a gate agent for America West Airlines, I had a 10-month stretch of making small trips to several vacation destination spots in Mexico. Several coworkers came along with me. It was during that time when I made 78 limericks about those who journeyed with me, for their amusement. I wasn’t entirely original with the limericks, borrowing heavily upon phrases from traditional limericks found in various publications.

Eventually, I printed the limericks in a paper entitled Dirty Limericks from the Sick Mind of BB Iverson and shared it with my coworkers. They enjoyed reading them. I have since lost the publication and now only remember a few of the limericks contained within.

Limerick for Jeff and Kelly Moennich
How embarrassed were Jeff and Kelly
As they walked around belly-to-belly
Because in their haste
They used library paste
Instead of petroleum jelly

Limerick for Charina Sabal
Lying nude in her tub was Charina
Her legs spread wide like a ballerina
With a toy boat she played
As she dreamt of getting laid
She guided the boat into her marina

Limerick for Jennifer Hooks
Jennifer Hooks was as skanky as you please
Her cunt hair hung down to her knees
The fleas in her twat
Tied the hair in a knot
And constructed a flying trapeze

My Limerick
After BB earned his B.A.
He pondered the problem one day
Of what would there be if C-U-N-T
Were divided by C-O-C-K

A young blonde coed passing by
Gave him the problem to try
He worked the division
With perfect precision
The answer was B-A-B-Y

Now, BB was an expert at boffin’
He made many women cum often
But the fuck-frequency ceased
He became a food beast
And was buried in an oversized coffin

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