A True Gem

Heidi Thompson hailed from northern California and was one of the kindest girlfriends I ever had. In fact, she was at her kindest when given every reason to despise me for actions I did against her. It was as if there was an angelic kindred spirit within Heidi, compelling her to do good when doing bad would have been completely justified. However, Heidi wasn’t like most people. She sought after a higher light and exuded confidence at all times. It was through Heidi’s example that I began to see the importance of focus to achieve self-motivation.

Another superior quality that Heidi possessed was her sense of humor. Frequently, she was the first in a group to make a wisecrack, usually using sarcasm. I have always been a fan of good sarcasm. Heidi’s innate ability to make people laugh led to her having a large circle of friends.

I cannot remember how I met Heidi. I believe it was through a roommate of mine at BYU, Ken (I don’t remember his last name, only that he was the brother of another roommate of mine, Richard, who was a wiz at trivia.) I also don’t remember where we went or what we did on dates, only that she was a great kisser. Being nearly as tall as I was, we matched up well for standup kissing. I always enjoyed standup kissing, as it wasn’t an awkward position and didn’t lead to a strained neck the next day. If you’ve ever made out with a partner considerably shorter than you, you’ll understand me completely. The only solution to being with a shorty is to seek lower ground.

So, Heidi was a compatible kissing partner and very passionate. As you can tell from reading other entries about my past girlfriends, it is the sexual things I remember most about them, while the other, perhaps even more important, things have been forgotten through time. My memories of Heidi are no different. When I try to remember Heidi, her big inviting lips, a long swirling tongue, and caressing fingers on my face come to mind first. She definitely had technique! I should have treated her better.

I was a sexist egotist, plain and simple. Time has helped me rid myself of those terrible traits, but it cannot make up for the pain and suffering I caused to those who were duped by my facade, namely the girls I dated during that time. With Heidi, I took advantage of her generosity by treating her like a subordinate. She deserved better than me and I hope she got it in her husband, which she married about a year after we broke up.

This was a time when I really didn’t realize how good I had it. Heidi was a true gem in every sense of the word. A girl of her caliber doesn’t come along too frequently. I was a fool to have been so nonchalant toward her. And there is absolutely no excuse for having cheated on her with her best friend and roommate, Terilee Michaelis.

How that came about is best left for another entry, one which highlights my relationship with Terilee. Suffice it to say that I have no idea what I was thinking. Obviously, I wasn’t thinking much at all. It should be noted that Heidi and I, to the best of my recollection, were not having sex. I remember engaging in heavy petting with her, but not sexual intercourse. I’m not certain about oral sex, but that most likely took place, given my attitude at the time and the long duration we dated.

A few months after I left Heidi for Terilee, I had a car accident which left me injured and needing to go through rehabilitation. It was Heidi that visited me at my parents’ home, as I was recuperating. She helped me go through the painful physical therapy exercises to get me back on my feet. She did it with an uplifting attitude and demonstrating pure compassion in her heart. That was the kindest thing anyone could have done for me, and it was Heidi who did it. I will always be grateful for her above-and-beyond generosity. I certainly didn’t deserve it, but desperately needed it.

For some reason, forgotten by me after all these years, Heidi quit going to BYU and returned home to California. About a year later, she returned to visit friends at BYU. I was among those whom she visited. I remember taking her out to an ice-cream parlor, where we sat and caught up on old times. I remember thinking how great she looked, as if she was glowing. Not having a steady girlfriend at the time I probably speculated about the possibilities of rekindling old flames with Heidi. Those would-be flames never had a chance to ignite, as Heidi revealed to me the source of her radiance. She was getting married.

Heidi was extremely thrilled about it and searched my face for approval. Forcing myself to smile, I congratulated her and said how happy I was for her. In truth, I was miserable, because I hadn’t treated her with the respect she deserved. I remember wishing I was the one marrying her and not some other guy, some other very lucky guy; I never saw nor heard from Heidi again. I often wonder how she is now doing and hope that she is happy. I was too weak and immature to give her everything she deserved. I hope that Heidi’s husband realizes what a diamond he found and cherishes every moment spent with her. Wherever she might be, I wish her all the best.

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