My Patriarchal Blessing

In authority of an evangelist, sealed upon me by the prophets, I give you a Patriarchal Blessing, which is an outline to the rare, unique and unusual blessings you are heir to.

What a favored, divine earth mission is yours, Brother Bradley. It shall be one of sweet service, sacrifice and accomplishments. Your trials shall not be too burdensome and your dark clouds shall have silver linings. You, someday, will testify of this with fervor.

The Lord has had his eyes upon you from your birth. It was no accident that you were adopted by these special people who have given you a delightful home, love, proper teaching, example, and training and were sealed to them by divine power. It was all according to a plan made known to you in the heavens before your mortal birth. You shall show your gratitude to them in many ways and forms and pay them many fold for their sacrifices, prayers and love and be a source of joy to them here and in the eternities.

The rich and royal blood of Ephraim is coursing through your veins, making you sensitive to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit and willing to listen and obey its promptings.

These are perilous tildes. Soon the earth will be cleansed of wickedness and crime and made ready for the millennium. The scriptures tell of a war in heaven where Satan fought against God and His righteousness; that he was cast out into the earth where he has carried on that war against right ever since – striving for the souls of men to make them miserable as he is miserable. He has intensified his efforts of late; he knows his time is short. It is given you, Brother Bradley to be a great soldier for Christ, even one of his generals. You are well equipped for your calling. Equipped with rare gifts of faith, spiritual vision, discernment, foresight, testimony and priesthood powers.

I bless you with the righteous desires of your heart. You can, through faith, do anything you desire that is right, true and profitable to character. Therefore be humble and prayerful, seeking always the guidance of the Lord to make known the path to take in order to fulfill your mission successfully and achieve high honor and riches in God’s Kingdom. Angels have been appointed to watch over, guide and help you in every way your faith will permit.

In the Lord’s due time you shall be given one of his sweet, fine, intelligent daughters to be your eternal companion, helper and partner in righteousness. Her likes will blend beautifully with yours and will ever assist you in your calling as a soldier for Christ. You shall be in the front ranks of those who shall redeem Zion and make it ready for the King of Kings.

I bless you in your studies, in school and elsewhere, to take the proper courses and study intensely and prepare your body, mind and soul to accomplish the great work you were ordained to before your mortal birth.

Worship the Lord regularly in His house of prayer at his sacrament table. Worship him with your tithes and your talents and sacrifices of worldly pleasures. You shall lose nothing and gain much in doing so. You cannot get the Lord in your debt. He will compensate you many fold in this life and an hundred fold in the eternities for every effort and sacrifice you make in His cause.

The enemy of the souls of men, the devil, is jealous of you. He knows the inroads you can make against his evil designs. He will try in many clever ways to direct your attention from your appointed mission = rob you of the great and eternal riches that can be yours through a few short years of obedience to the whisperings of the still small voice. The evil one has no power to harm or to divert you only as you give him that power by letting down the bars and going contrary to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. I bless you with wisdom and spiritual vision to detect and avoid his hidden traps and snares and power to thwart his evil designs.

I bless you with health and strength, physical, mental, moral, spiritual, and financial. Yes, the Lord will provide you with plenty of this world’s goods to execute with honor your beautiful earth mission. It is given you to help many to plant their feet in the path which leads to eternal riches.

During the cleansing of the earth through war, famine, plagues, and other calamities, you will witness much destruction of life and property. But fear not. Live a wholesome life of service and prayer and your guarding angels shall see to it that you shall be protected and preserved and moved out of the way of the calamities.

These are but a few of your rare, unique, and unusual possibilities. Many others will unfold in time and at the right time to bless your life, inspire your soul, and add to your faith, testimony, and eternal riches.

To this end I bless you, with the reminder that all these choice things and more can be yours through faithfulness and arising each time you stumble in the race and go before your Heavenly Father asking for forgiveness and power to overcome and press on under his inspiration. I promise that you shall be heard and blessed beyond your present imagination and I do so in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Patriarch: Rulon Killian
Patriarch Blessing Number: 1096

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  1. hi!!

    its a great thing to receive your patrical blessing, but i think you should not put it on the internet since it is something very personal only for you and those you feel like sharing with. Its just an advice i would give you!!

    greetings from germany!!

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