Playing Doctor

Be forewarned, this entry contains words of a sexually explicit nature. If such things offend you, I advise against reading it.

Taryn Schofield at 12Taryn is the daughter of my parents’ friends, the Schofields. They often accompanied my parents to social gatherings. After sometime of doing this, my parents invited them to go boating with us to Lake Powell, along with their daughter. As I recall, Taryn was an only child, or at least her age was significantly younger than her siblings to make it appear so.

I was just entering puberty at the time and my interest in things of a sexual nature was heightening. I had seen nude pictures of women in Playboy magazines, while tagging along with my sister Julie on dates with her then-boyfriend, Brian Hale. However, their genitals were all covered up by pubic hair. (Such was the norm back then.) Consequently, I wasn’t certain of what actually lay beneath those tangled mounds of hair, but I was curious to find out.

The trip to the lake provided me with an opportunity to quench my thirsty curiosity with the Schofields’ young daughter, Taryn. She, herself was just beginning puberty and turned out to be as curious about boys as I was about girls.

I cannot remember who initiated contact, but I am inclined to say that it was she. I don’t think I was brave enough at that age to approach a girl in such a forward manner as was about to take place. I would have been especially wary of doing this with Taryn, a veritable stranger at the time. Besides, her parents were my parents’ friends and I doubt I would jeopardize their friendship by making a pass on their unwilling daughter.

The whole encounter took place very discretely. We were sleeping in the top berth of my father’s camper, above the cab of his pick-up truck. Stored there were several blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags for the outing ahead. Taryn and I slept beneath them, secluded from the rest of the camper where her mother chatted with mine.

As my father drove southbound, towards Lake Powell, with his 26-foot Fiberform boat in tow, I had my first experience with heavy petting. From what I remember, it was quite a thrilling experience, especially for someone at such a tender age as was I.

Taryn Schofield at 14What remains vividly in my mind was the incidental brushing up against each other that initiated it all. With hormones racing, it didn’t take long to transition that accidental contact into purposeful caressing. Most of the 8-hour journey was spent under the covers, exploring each other’s bodies. I wonder now why our parents didn’t question what we were doing for so long, underneath the bedding.

Up until that point, I had assumed that a girl’s vagina was in the same place as a boy’s penis. It made perfect sense to me. Before I ventured to that part of Taryn’s body, I explored every other part that I could, removing her shirt, shorts, and panties in the process. She managed to get me naked, too.

I remember how nervous I was, not because I felt guilty from what I as doing, but from a fear of not wanting to disappoint Taryn. That fear has been present in every sexual encounter I have had since. Luckily, Taryn didn’t reject my advances, or it may have damaged my level of confidence for years to come. I imagine that is why so many sexual relationships go awry, some virtual trap being sprung that had been armed years before. Nobody sets out to fail at a sexual relationship. Misconceptions and misguided beliefs just get in the way.

I am inclined to believe that Taryn was adopted, as was I, due to the fact that her parents were already well past middle age. I raise this point because I believe Taryn’s inquisitive nature came about due to the fact that she had probably never seen a naked boy before. Generally, girls of that age aren’t that aggressive in their physical affections with boys as was Taryn. Boys, on the other hand, are. So, in many respects, Taryn was acting like a boy.

So, it was from Taryn that I learned the correct location of a vagina. Also, I learned that girls’ nipples are very different than boys’. At that age, Taryn didn’t have any breasts per se, but she had extremely sensitive nipples. From my own experience and from speaking with my pals throughout the years, most boys have very little feeling in their nipples. Still, it is a big turn-on, at least for me, when a girl sucks on them as if they were like hers.

Taryn Schofield at 17Our encounter in the camper wasn’t the only of its kind that Taryn and I shared. Once we were on the lake, we engaged in heavy petting in my father’s boat, below deck. The bedding had been transferred there from the camper, so it was a smooth transition for our groping sessions. As the boat bounced along the waves, on its way to the camping destination, Taryn and I took the opportunity to engage in further exploratory activities. At one point, my fingers found themselves inside of her. As the boat bounced up and down, Taryn rode my fingers to what probably was her first orgasm, at least her first induced by someone else. I remember that she was almost hairless, nothing like the models in the Playboy magazines I had seen.

A few months after this, the Schofields went with us to our family cabin where Taryn and I repeated our actions from the lake, this time in close proximity of her parents after they had fallen asleep. The clandestine nature of that encounter made it even more exciting. During both the lake and cabin trips their was nothing more than heavy petting between Taryn and I, not even anything oral, except for some inexperienced sloppy French kissing. (I felt a few times that Taryn was going to stick her tongue all the way down my throat and taste what I had eaten for lunch. I’m sure she had similar feelings about me.)

That was all there was to the physical happenings between Taryn and I. After that, I visited Taryn at her home on a few occasions, after school. But there were no more intimate moments spent together. In fact, I cannot recall even kissing Taryn after the aforementioned trips. We quickly drifted apart.

Taryn Schofield at 18Later on through our schooling years, I kept loose tabs on Taryn. I didn’t have feelings for her, except for the normal closeness that comes after two people share an intimate encounter as had we. I noticed that Taryn acquired an almost butch look and was very active in sports. That, coupled with the fact that I never saw her with a boyfriend, made me wonder if Taryn wasn’t partial to the fairer sex. Granted, I never saw her with a girlfriend either, but that was extremely taboo in our day and community. It was just a hunch, but I felt she may have been a lesbian.

I feel that I have given more than enough details in this entry to get the main points across. In fact, some of it reads like a smutty sex novel. I feel I needed to include those details to convey my true feelings about these happenings. If I had generalized everything, I would risk further misinterpretation by the reader. In many respects, it was the beginning of the end to my innocence.

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